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We believe it takes great courage to talk about issues affecting us. It is only when we acknowledge that a situation needs to change, that actual change begins. Our consultations and counselling are usually the first step where anyone can reach out to us to discuss issues whatever their nature. A one-on-one session guarantees confidentiality and comfort to discuss these issues in detail and decide the best course of action thereafter.

These sessions are available on appointment basis in slots of 30 minutes and 1 hour during the week. You may email us to request the same.


There are two kinds of healings that can be availed upon:
Distance and Direct sessions.
These are provided based on the individual's requirements and availability.
It is customised to address one's concerns and usually involves a brief consultation beforehand.

Corporate Healings

These healings can also be availed for businesses, to enhance growth and success.
For additional information on Healings for Business, please drop us an email.

Courses Available

Reiki classes are available for first-time users and repeat users who may wish to practice Reiki independently or pursue it for personal use.

In order to register for these courses, please contact us on email.
  • Reiki I and II (2-day class)
  • Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki ART/Master (3-day class)
  • Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master (3-day class)

Reiki Products

Books: As the authorised distributor of ICRT manuals for Reiki I and II, we offer these manuals against orders placed directly with us.

Well Being products: Reiki-related products such as crystals, jewellery and homeware can be ordered both online and offline.

Keep in Touch

We believe in Reiki and practice this life healing energy to help one and all.

: vsinghrm@gmail.com

: +91 9323231188, +91 9324435482